Your feet literally take a pounding every day and are often neglected when it comes to any kind of preventative or specialist care. A podiatrist will assist with the diagnosis and care of all foot related problems; from simple skin care such as corns and calluses to the management of complex musculoskeletal disorders.

Your foot is an engineering marvel that has 26 bones, a lot of ligament, muscles and nerves and serves us well. However, at some point in our lives 75% of us will experience some form of foot pathology and could benefit from the skills of a podiatrist. All our podiatrists are affiliated with Health Professions Council and are registered with all major insurers (except BUPA).



•    General podiatry and chiropody treatment £57

•    Nail surgery from £125 without liquid phenol or £280 with liquid phenol

•    Gait analysis £45

•    Foot casting for orthotics £45

•    Bespoke orthotics from £280


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